[FxGear Share] – Nature Package – Swamp,Forest Environment v1.0 – Free Download

Nature Package – Swamp,Forest Environment – Download Unity assetfor free!


The Vegetation Engine

  • This package contains a set of 45 highly detailed prefabs: trees, bushes, grass and flowers.
  • With its help you can create beautiful Nature Environments.
  • Vegetation textures Resolution(4K,some 2K-1K)
  • -diffuse,gloss,normal,translucency.
  • Polygons Mesh Trees:5000 tris to 27000 tris
  • Polygons Mesh Bushes:1400 tris to 6000 tris
  • Grass Flowers Mesh:90 tris to 8000 tris

This package contains:


– 5 AspenTrees
– 6 ForestTrees
– 2 DryTrees
– 8 Bushes
– 2 Swamp Lily Pink&White
– 21 Grass and flowers
-10 Ground Textures(Diffuse,Normal)

***********Ground Texture Resolution:2K-8K***********

– 3 Grass 2D-Textures
– 1 SkyBox
– 1 Demo Scenes Game Ready 2X2km
– 1 Post-processing profile
– Bonus Content:Modular Wooden Bridge(7 Parts,With Lods) Polygons Mesh:350 tris to 3400 tris

For the demoscene to work correctly, import assets into the project:
——————–Standard Assets—————–
——-Post Processing Stack version 2.0——
recommend importing into a new project
3D With Extras (Preview)

Asset version: 1.0 
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source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/23/fxgear-share-nature-package-swampforest-environment-v1-0-free-download/

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