[Fxgear Share] Hair Tool v2.31 For Blender – Free Download

 Hair Tool is addon for Blender 2.93 that will help you generate hair-card based on 3d curves in non destructive way. (For blender below 2.93 you can still use HT 2.27)

Online documentation Hair Tool v2.31 For Blender

Discord server where you can get support and report bugs

Hair Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 by SinHouse

YouTube channel with videos related to HTool

Business vs Individual license: if you are company with above 100k $ income you are Business. Otherwise you can buy individual license

Three main ways to generate hair-cards with Hair Tool:

using guide mesh (grid surface)

using particle hair interactive grooming

by drawing hair strands (similar to Grease Pencil drawing)

Some of the features:

  • Automated UV workflow (random uv region assignment per hair strand)
  • Texture preview directly on curve ribbons
  • Curve modeling tools (extend, shorten, cut, move hair with IK physics)
  • Hair library
  • Go back and forth between curve and mesh ribbons
  • Adjust ribbons profile (tapering radius, randomizing tilt, editing profile etc.)
  • Convert: Curves to Particle Hair, Particle Hair to Curve ribbons, Curve ribbons to mesh ribbons and so on.
  • Curve resampling and decimation (increase/decrease curve/ribbon points count)
  • Generating vertex color/weights gradients, transferring UVs and vertex weights from character to mesh haircards.
  • Texture baking (from curves or particle hair; supports: normal, ao, diffuse, tangent maps, ID maps, root map etc)
  • Build-in addon auto-updater
  • and more

Hair tutorials for Blender 2.8 series:

  • Introduction video
  • Working with materials and uv in Hair Tool 2.1
  • Example of making hair in Hair Tool 2.1

Hair Tool can be used to export hair to Character Creator.

  • Check out CCreator Smart Hair system
  • Hair Tool to Character Creator workflow video tutorial
  • Smart Hair Shader Part 1 – Basic Parameters & Base Color in CC
  • Smart Hair Shader Part 2 – Effects & Save Materials in CC

Past Updates:

2.31 – 28.07.2021

fixed crash on loading some of hair presets

[Fxgear Share] Hair Tool v2.31 For Blender - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/24/fxgear-share-hair-tool-v2-31-for-blender-free-download/

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