[Fxgear Share] – Scifi Kitbash Level Builder v4.26 – Free Download

Scifi Kitbash Level Builder – Download Unreal Engine asset

Ski-fi kitbash contains all pieces to build environments quickly with great details and good flexibility. Pack features:

  • Set of high quality assets and textures
  • AAA game quality
  • Collision for assets
  • Jet asset as an object of interest
  • Ground decals for visual polishing
  • All modular and easy to modify
  • Fully finished hangar map

Technical Details
Physically Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size
Albedo 2048×2048
Metalness 2048×2048
Roughness 2048×2048
Normal 2048×2048
AO 2048×2048

Asset version: 4.26

Relight of a Victorian Street Scene in Unreal 4. The “showcase” lighting was stripped, and added my own take on lighting for the space.
This is the second of a set of works based on lighting from movies.The piece is in the style of From Hell released in 2001 which stars Johnny Depp as Detective Frederick Abberline on the tail of Britain’s most infamous serial killer, Jack The Ripper.

In the movie there are several scenes which are cross-processed (processing a film in chemicals they were not intended for) which achieves a very vivid colour palette. I wanted a similar look for the scene but I didn’t want this to be too overwhelming, so I chose a more subtle style that still tipped it’s hat in that direction.

In the movie the Lamps on Jack’s coach were a striking green; for that reason I chose to light one of the rooms this way in order to indicate he may be in residence in one of the top floor flats as a little narrative fun.

Kitbash set of level modules and props to build realistic/sci-fi and cyberpunk environments

Technical Details Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

AAA game quality Custom materials for visual variety Modular and organic meshes and props PBR materials and textures Set of hard surface decals to create more visual variety on surfaces Set of designed elements including architecture and prop pieces Graphic and dirt decals Car asset as an object of interest Fully finished Hangar map

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/25/fxgear-share-scifi-kitbash-level-builder-v4-26-free-download/

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