[Fxgear Share] – 3D – Scanned Venice & North of Italy Assets

Download Unreal Engine Asset – 3D-Scanned Venice & North of Italy Assets – Full Pack

Our first Venice /Northern Italy Asset Pack with 3D-Scanned Content is ready to hit the Marketplace. If you need to create a scenario set in Italy or Venice, it will never have been easier than with this pack.

We brought our 3D-Scanning equipment, returned with 12.000+ images and when we got back home, set to work. Eventually, we finished a total of 30 3D-Scans, retopologized them, added another 76 hand-made models and thought long and hard about how to give you the most effective technology to put those models to use.

What we came up with is a system we consider to be very useful.

Wall segments with openings for windows and doors, which can be easily edited with additional skins and a vector-based material system that will enable you to change colors almost instantly, and create a great amount of variation.

Also, we have included beautiful smoke particles for the chimnes and a full-grown snow shader – the fluffiest so far, in our opinion!

All models are heavily optimized, so no high-end hardware is needed to run this pack properly.

Along with all the other bells and whistles, we provide you with a gondola, a canal water surface, a moon-mesh and illuminated skins for windows and doors.

We are aware that there is still work left to be done, so we will keep improving this pack with your feedback.

Technical Details


3D-Scans (retopologized) and hand-made Models for Venice, Florence, Pisa etc.
A huge amount of Textures and Materials from Pavements over Brick- and Plasterwalls to Facades.

More than 100 Meshes, a Vector-Based Texture Shader and emissive Textures for night time Settings, Snow and Smoke Stack Systems.

Texture Sizes:

  • Between 1k and 4k for Props, mostly around 2k
  • Up to 8k for Pavements
  • Additional Maps in full size to ensure maximum Quality

Collision: Auto-generated on import for simple shapes, custom-generated for Bridges and some of the more complex shapes.

Vertex Count: Between 75 for small Window Props and up to 20.304 for the most complex Balcony Model (LOD0).

LODs: Following along with additional engine versions.

Number of Meshes: 106 Meshes + 17 Dev / Presentational Meshes

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 44 Materials, 151 Material Instances, 3 Material Functions, 1 Parameter Collection

Number of Textures: 537

Supported Development Platforms: All Windows-Based

Supported Target Build Platforms: All Windows-Based

Documentation: Quick Tutorial showing the Vector-Based Coloring Technique, another one for Snow System.

Important/Additional Notes: 4.20, 4.19, 4.18 Versions are in the works, will finish them until February 2nd.

[Fxgear Share] – 3D – Scanned Venice & North of Italy Assets

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/fxgear-share-3d-scanned-venice-north-of-italy-assets/

[Fxgear Share] BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects – Free Download

 BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects Download

BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects

Burgh Records this time gives you the “Cinematic Impact Sound Effects” project that is an interesting, fascinating collection of futuristic sound effects specially created for cinema scoring and electronic music. This awesome library includes a collection of different cool sound effects, containing impacts, risers & background atmospheres.

This sample library consists of free of charge audio used for movie scoring, trailers, video projects and any project you are into with a collection of 27 various futuristic sound effects in 24-bit WAV format.

[Fxgear Share] BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/26/fxgear-share-burghrecords-cinematic-impact-sound-effects-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] Gravity Rope v0.9a – Free Download

  Gravity Rope v0.9a Download

Blender Market – Gravity Rope v0.9a

Gravity Rope is a simulation tool made for artist and motion designer. It’s a user-friendly add-on which allow you to create ropes and to simulate different materials easily.

Gravity Rope is a add-on with several modes, several materials presets and infinite creative possibilities. This tool introduces a new complete workflow that allows you to carry out several very advanced rope animation. It support the collision of ropes and pendulums, it also reacts to the wind and it’s even breakable!

[Fxgear Share] Gravity Rope v0.9a - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/26/fxgear-share-gravity-rope-v0-9a-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] Unreal Environment form unreal expert joe garth

Learn Squared – Unreal Environments from Unreal expert Joe Garth Download

Learn Squared – Unreal Environments from Unreal expert Joe Garth

103 Lectures across 4 Lessons

Create beautiful, lifelike worlds in Unreal Engine 4 under the guidance of Joe Garth, one of the industry’s top realtime artists. Having worked on projects such as Quixel’s Rebirth and Crysis, Joe will teach you everything you need to know to get started with environments in Unreal.

Lesson 1
In this lesson, you’ll learn the basics of Unreal and begin crafting your environment idea. You’ll find references, build a library of assets, and assemble those assets together into one convenient staging area. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have all the tools you need to start building your own environment.

Lesson 2
World Creation
In this lesson, you will build a new level in Unreal Engine. Utilizing various sculpting, set dressing and lighting techniques, your level will progress from a completely flat plane to a beautifully laid out vista.

Lesson 3
City Design
Now that you’ve created a natural environment, you’ll learn how to quickly build a sprawling city. Blueprints, shaders and different kinds of set dressing can generate an incredible amount of variety in no time at all. You will finish by setting up a polished scene, which can either be turned into gameplay or a rendered image.

Lesson 4
Now you will polish the environments and shots you’ve created throughout the course. This not only means making them look prettier, but also making sure they perform well while the environment is being run in real-time. At the end of this lesson, you will have a completed 2D or video piece, as well as a playable environment.

[Fxgear Share] Unreal Environment form unreal expert joe garth

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/26/fxgear-share-unreal-environment-form-unreal-expert-joe-garth/

[Fxgear Share] – Sci Fi Orion Mars Med Lab v4.26 – Free Download

Sci Fi Orion Mars Med Lab – Download Unreal Engine asset

SciFi Medical Hospital and laboratory that fits together with The Orion Mars Corridors and the Orion Mars Living Quarters assets nother asset set in the Orion Mars series. Med Lab is a medical Hospital and laboratory that fits together with The Orion Mars Corridors and the Orion Mars Living Quarters assets, also available in the Marketplace. It features Hospital rooms, beds with curtain dividers, Cryo chambers and Bio scanners. Animated screens, Pads and displays. The floors, wall, ceilings, chair, beds, cryo chamber, bed curtains, bio scanner and robotic arm tracks are Blueprints using construction scripts with public exposed variables to allow easy customisation. The assets can be used just as an interior space or with the external walls and roof pieces. This has been made to allow for a lot of flexibility and customisation possibilities.

This product contains some content from the “Sci Fi Orin Mars Living Quarters” to demonstrate how they fit together. 8 meshes, 34 Materials, 15 Material Functions, 79 textures and 4 Blueprints besides the ones listed below.

Background image in the Mars Skydome: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Includes 2 example environment, one on Mars, one just the interior and 1 overview map.

Technical Details


  • Functional Doors and animated screens Panels and displays
  • Cryo Chamber, Bio Scanner
  • Blueprints assets that are customisable
  • PBR materials
  • Man and Woman lying figure

Number of Unique Meshes: 170

Number of Blueprints: 18

Collision: (Yes automatically generated )

Vertex Count: 20 to 65,000 tris

LODs: (No)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30 Materials and 58 Material instances

Number of Textures: 188

Texture Resolutions: 16 to 4096

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows and consoles

Asset version: 4.26

This is the next Pack “Med Bay”. This product has been submitted and will soon be available in the Unreal Marketplace.

[Fxgear Share] – Sci Fi Orion Mars Med Lab v4.26 - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/25/fxgear-share-sci-fi-orion-mars-med-lab-v4-26-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] – Scifi Kitbash Level Builder v4.26 – Free Download

Scifi Kitbash Level Builder – Download Unreal Engine asset

Ski-fi kitbash contains all pieces to build environments quickly with great details and good flexibility. Pack features:

  • Set of high quality assets and textures
  • AAA game quality
  • Collision for assets
  • Jet asset as an object of interest
  • Ground decals for visual polishing
  • All modular and easy to modify
  • Fully finished hangar map

Technical Details
Physically Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size
Albedo 2048×2048
Metalness 2048×2048
Roughness 2048×2048
Normal 2048×2048
AO 2048×2048

Asset version: 4.26

Relight of a Victorian Street Scene in Unreal 4. The “showcase” lighting was stripped, and added my own take on lighting for the space.
This is the second of a set of works based on lighting from movies.The piece is in the style of From Hell released in 2001 which stars Johnny Depp as Detective Frederick Abberline on the tail of Britain’s most infamous serial killer, Jack The Ripper.

In the movie there are several scenes which are cross-processed (processing a film in chemicals they were not intended for) which achieves a very vivid colour palette. I wanted a similar look for the scene but I didn’t want this to be too overwhelming, so I chose a more subtle style that still tipped it’s hat in that direction.

In the movie the Lamps on Jack’s coach were a striking green; for that reason I chose to light one of the rooms this way in order to indicate he may be in residence in one of the top floor flats as a little narrative fun.

Kitbash set of level modules and props to build realistic/sci-fi and cyberpunk environments

Technical Details Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)

AAA game quality Custom materials for visual variety Modular and organic meshes and props PBR materials and textures Set of hard surface decals to create more visual variety on surfaces Set of designed elements including architecture and prop pieces Graphic and dirt decals Car asset as an object of interest Fully finished Hangar map

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/25/fxgear-share-scifi-kitbash-level-builder-v4-26-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] – Raided Forest Camp v4.26 – Free Download

Raided Forest Camp – Download Unreal Engine asset

Includes 47 meshes with Materials and Textures

Puddle & Blood Decals

Spline Creek and Water Materials

Vertex Coloring materials for Rocks

Sharpen Post Process Material

1 Color LUT
Technical Details


  • PBR Materials
  • Includes 47 meshes with Materials and Textures
  • 5 Extra Decals
  • Ground Material
  • Vertex coloring blended materials for rocks
  • Sharpen Post Process Material
  • 1 Color LUT
  • 1 Spline Blueprint for creek

Asset version: 4.26

Four Congolese park rangers and one porter have been killed in an ambush in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A large group of journalists and park rangers were attacked on Friday 14 July in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve by an armed local rebel group. It is believed that the journalists – one from the US, two Dutch, and one Congolese – were covering a story about the work of the rangers in the forest.

The attack is thought to have been by Mai Mai rebels from the area who have been carrying out illegal poaching and mining activities. They have previously come into conflict with rangers.

Following the attack, three rangers and the US national were reported missing, while the rest of the group, including 11 rangers, escaped to another Okapi reserve base.

The bodies of four Congolese rangers from the state park authority, the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN), and one porter were found the following day, on the evening of Saturday 15 July. They were killed during an ambush while escorting the journalists back from a visit to the Bapela gold mining site, Unesco confirmed.

“The rescue mission started in the night between Friday to Saturday as soon as we knew that something happened. We don’t know if there were casualties on the attacker’s side,” said Rosmarie Ruf, project manager at Okapi Conservation Project.

The US journalist was found “safe and healthy”, Mambasa territory administrator Alfred Bongwalanga told the Associated Press.

“We are aware of reports that the US citizen reported kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been found safe,” the State Department said in a statement.

“The US Department of State has no higher priority than the protection of US citizens overseas. Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment.‎”

[Fxgear Share] – Raided Forest Camp v4.26 - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/25/fxgear-share-raided-forest-camp-v4-26-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] – POLYGON Knights Pack 4.17 – Free Download

POLYGON Knights Pack 4.17 – Unreal asse

Synty Studios Presents – POLYGON Knights Pack. A Fantasy themed asset pack.

A low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, items and environment assets to create a fantasy based polygonal style game.
Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations. Includes a demo scene (Character poses indicative only).
Technical Details

204 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colors.

• Regular Trees x3

• Modular House pieces x56

• Modular Church pieces x18

• Modular Castle pieces x38

• Flowers x1

• Ground mound sections x2

• Mountains x4

• Modular Cobble Stone path pieces x 3

• Modular Stone path pieces x 3

• Modular Stone Tile path pieces x 3

• Modular Canal pieces x 3

• Plants x1

• Weapons x4

• Shields x4

• Well

• Bridge

• Rock Cliff

• Metal Crate

• Hay Cart

• Empty Hay Cart

5 Unique characters with x4 alternative army colors

• Knight 01

• Knight 02

• Knight 03

• Soldier 01

• Soldier 02

Humaniod Characters are setup to work with Unreal character system’s Animation Retargeting – Epic’s video guide http://bit.ly/2yWJRF7.

(No animations included in this pack)

[Fxgear Share] – POLYGON Knights Pack 4.17 - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/24/fxgear-share-polygon-knights-pack-4-17-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] – Polygon – Knights v4.15 – Free Download

Synty Studios Presents – Polygon – Knight v4.15

A low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, items and environment assets to create a fantasy based polygonal style game.
Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.
(Includes a demo scene, Character poses indicative only)

Key Features –
Assets (x204)

– Regular Trees, Modular House pieces, Modular Church pieces, Modular Castle pieces, Flowers, Ground mound sections, Mountains, Modular Cobble Stone path pieces, Modular Stone path pieces, Modular Stone Tile path pieces, Modular Canal pieces, Plants, Weapons, Shields, Well, Bridge, Rock Cliff, Metal Crate, Hay Cart, Empty Hay Cart.
(with Alternative Colors)

Characters (x5)
– Knight 01, Knight 02, Knight 03, Soldier 01, Soldier 02.
(with Alternative Army Colors)
– Winter versions of most assets with custom snow
– Heaps of awesome content included (see the layout screenshots for more details)
– Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)
– Shaders work with the Scriptable render pipelines (HD + LW)

The Green Knight is a retelling of the poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” famously translated from Middle English by J.R.R. Tolkien in the 1920s. Based on the trailer, Lowery’s film seems to be a faithful, but creepy adaptation. The original story follows Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), the youngest member of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table and his misadventures on a quest to honor a bargain he struck with a giant treelike knight (Ralph Ineson).

In the trailer we see Gawain’s initial meeting with the Green Knight, in which the being offers him a beautiful axe. But there’s a catch: Sir Gawain will strike the giant once with the axe to keep it, but one year from that day, Gawain must meet the Green Knight at a chapel to receive one blow in return.

While the film appears to keep most of those plot details the same, Lowery has stripped way back from the gallantry and magic of the original romantic poem, in favor of a much darker and more sinister tone. Just like the original story, it seems we’ll spend most of our time following Gawain in his quest for the green chapel, during which he meets all manner of monsters, Kings, and temptations.

The Green Knight was originally scheduled for release last year — which is why there’s already a tabletop RPG version of the movie — however, distributor A24 chose to delay it during the coronavirus pandemic in hopes of giving it a larger theatrical release when more cities were open.

[Fxgear Share] – Polygon – Knights v4.15 - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/24/fxgear-share-polygon-knights-v4-15-free-download/

[Fxgear Share] Hair Tool v2.31 For Blender – Free Download

 Hair Tool is addon for Blender 2.93 that will help you generate hair-card based on 3d curves in non destructive way. (For blender below 2.93 you can still use HT 2.27)

Online documentation Hair Tool v2.31 For Blender

Discord server where you can get support and report bugs

Hair Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 by SinHouse

YouTube channel with videos related to HTool

Business vs Individual license: if you are company with above 100k $ income you are Business. Otherwise you can buy individual license

Three main ways to generate hair-cards with Hair Tool:

using guide mesh (grid surface)

using particle hair interactive grooming

by drawing hair strands (similar to Grease Pencil drawing)

Some of the features:

  • Automated UV workflow (random uv region assignment per hair strand)
  • Texture preview directly on curve ribbons
  • Curve modeling tools (extend, shorten, cut, move hair with IK physics)
  • Hair library
  • Go back and forth between curve and mesh ribbons
  • Adjust ribbons profile (tapering radius, randomizing tilt, editing profile etc.)
  • Convert: Curves to Particle Hair, Particle Hair to Curve ribbons, Curve ribbons to mesh ribbons and so on.
  • Curve resampling and decimation (increase/decrease curve/ribbon points count)
  • Generating vertex color/weights gradients, transferring UVs and vertex weights from character to mesh haircards.
  • Texture baking (from curves or particle hair; supports: normal, ao, diffuse, tangent maps, ID maps, root map etc)
  • Build-in addon auto-updater
  • and more

Hair tutorials for Blender 2.8 series:

  • Introduction video
  • Working with materials and uv in Hair Tool 2.1
  • Example of making hair in Hair Tool 2.1

Hair Tool can be used to export hair to Character Creator.

  • Check out CCreator Smart Hair system
  • Hair Tool to Character Creator workflow video tutorial
  • Smart Hair Shader Part 1 – Basic Parameters & Base Color in CC
  • Smart Hair Shader Part 2 – Effects & Save Materials in CC

Past Updates:

2.31 – 28.07.2021

fixed crash on loading some of hair presets

[Fxgear Share] Hair Tool v2.31 For Blender - Free Download

source https://fxgearshopcourse.wordpress.com/2021/09/24/fxgear-share-hair-tool-v2-31-for-blender-free-download/